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A digital self trainer platform

ReFeed is a digital therapy platform that helps change behavior through mentoring, learning, management and monitoring. The program is designed for diabetics, pre-diabetics, gestational diabetics and healthy people who are interested in making a diet change.

Setting up a profile in the app requires data entry, the challenge was to find a way to make it easy to use.

״Helen is the kind of professional who cannot be labeled as an expert in a single field, whether it be user experience or design. This is since she comes with a deep understanding of numerous disciplines and knows how to direct her clients in directions that they never even thought of. She has helped us build a complex app that includes a great deal of content and features; And brandishing a smart design, Helen has succeeded in creating a user-friendly and eye-pleasing interface. She is a conscientious individual with a strong work ethic and excels in meeting deadlines. I therefore highly recommend her״

Roni Singer

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