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Data Visualization Projects

Data visualization design is a field I'm passionate about. I'm passionate about making complicated things simple to understand and use. To enhance my skills, I read books and attend seminars. My focus is on creating user-friendly visualizations that are relevant to products. Drawing inspiration from Gestalt theory, my goal is to present data in a precise and readable manner.

Aircraft Cyber Security Data Visualization

One of my recent favorite projects involved turning a customer's vision into a reality. We kicked off the project with a workshop that utilized a structured process to combine the creative ideas of all participants. Throughout the workshop, we were able to identify challenges and explore a variety of solutions, resulting in six viable options. At the end of the process, we converged on one version that combined the most successful solutions into a cohesive final product.

When taking on such projects, my approach is rooted in proactivity, whereby I place a strong emphasis on being fully attentive to the participants. Leveraging my expertise in complex systems and data visualization, I strive to seamlessly connect all the moving parts and guide the workshop to ensure its effectiveness in addressing the diverse user stories and associated inquiries.

Customer says

"Helen is a super creative, smart and visionary person. She took our half-baked ideas and turned them into a smooth, perfectly designed and intuitive concept. I highly recommend her professional capabilities and skills."

Nissim Belzer, Chief Technology Officer.

Data visualization
Sensor Technology
Data Visualization

At the moment I cannot show details about the product.

The project was truly fascinating, and it involved gaining a deep understanding of how sensors work. We focused on creating a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, considering every aspect of its design down to the tiniest pixel.


My task was to improve the user experience (UX) of an existing product while balancing significant improvements with minimal disruption. Conducting a thorough analysis of the current UX and brainstorming ideas to enhance it can help achieve this. When making changes, it's crucial to consider how they impact existing users and the feasibility of implementation.

The company is a leading provider of cutting-edge cognitive vision sensor technology and safety systems for the -- industry. 

Crypto Trading Platform

I worked on an interesting project where I received an existing platform made by another team and was asked to turn it into a more convenient and easy-to-use product. The process involved applying my knowledge and experience to learn about and gain a deep understanding of the field, having productive conversations with the client, creating a script, and re-planning.

Drawing on my experience as a UX designer, I was able to tackle this challenging project and successfully deliver an exceptional user experience. It's a great example of how combining knowledge and experience can help you achieve great results, even when working in an unfamiliar field.

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